The MLN Group’s production centre is located in Bárboles, which also includes the municipalities of Zaragoza and Alagón.

The entire site comprises more than 400 hectares of land owned by Grupo MLN, some of which is already occupied by installations and quarries in operation.

In addition, the Group has several direct mining concessions for the extraction of aggregates in the area, covering a total of fifteen mining squares covering more than 1,500 hectares for future operations.

Based on the principle of circular economy, the land before being exploited as a mining right is dedicated to the agricultural exploitation, and once the material is extracted, it is regenerated and returned to its original agricultural use, being used for the cultivation of olive trees and vines.

Following one of the MLN Group’s principles of concern for the environment, a solar farm was installed consisting of four individual photovoltaic installations of 100 Kw. of power each, two of them installed on canopies that act as parking lots with capacity for 100 cars and another two on supports fixed to the ground.

With an estimated useful life of 25 years, since the end of 2007 they have produced around 650,000 kWh per year, which avoid the emission of 250 MT of CO2 into the atmosphere per year.